Next-Gen Supply Chain Visibility

End to end visibility with real-time logistics, predictive alerting, and collaboration tools



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We are the only supply chain solution to overcome the dirty data inherent to supply chain. We approach supply chain data unlike anyone else, using AI and machine learning to clean, map, and enhance all of your supply chain data in real-time.


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ClearMetal helps consolidate all of your supply chain information and communication into one screen. No more manually tracking shipments and cobbling together reports with spreadsheets, partner websites, phone calls, and emails.


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A supply chain is nothing without constant communication and collaboration with your partners, customers, and internal team. We make it easy with filtering on the fly and real-time sharing. ClearMetal keeps everyone on the same page.


Predictive Alerts

We can predict adverse events anywhere in your supply chain. ClearMetal lets you know when there’s a problem before it happens, and helps you plan your next move.


Proactive Planning

Intermodal logistics is complicated. We can help you move from simply being aware, to managing your risks, to full supply chain transformation that improves bottom line.


Global Supply Chain Management


Improve Performance through Supply Chain Visibility

Reduce buffer stock - Accurate ETAs allow you to confidently operate lean and avoid stockouts

Improve On-Time Performance - Increase customer satisfaction and avoid costly fines

Predict Adverse Events - Take control of your supply chain and be strategic

Partner Auditing - Manage and optimize performance of in-house and 3rd party providers


“ClearMetal places the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning into our hands, providing unprecedented visibility and predictive intelligence. Actionable data insights are an opportunity to offer truly differentiated services to shipper and carrier partners.” 

Head of Global Ocean Freight at Panalpina

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“The industry has been ripe for digital applications that can help companies improve how they manage the flow of materials across the supply chain. The impact of such visibility not only improves the ability to plan logistics, it also provides the ability to drive downstream supply chain improvements such as reducing inventory levels, driving down safety stock requirements, and improving asset utilization in the warehouse.”

Research Manager, Supply Chain Execution at IDC

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