Deliver supply chain visibility across every mode of transportation.

Why Supply Chain Visibility?

Supply Chain encompasses the building blocks of literally everything on this planet that is purchased. It has an outsized effect on everything from the price of wine in Wisconsin to global warming. Improving the efficiency of supply chain creates trickle down consequences that are massive and felt by literally everyone on the planet.

In a world where data has permeated every corner of our existence it was incredible to us that one of the most mature industries in the modern world had not managed to evolve alongside technology. Supply Chain is the epitome of Big Data and the perfect target for modern AI and Machine Learning techniques. 

Why ClearMetal?

The ClearMetal team is comprised of supply chain and logistics veterans as well as the world’s top talent in data science, AI, machine learning, and software engineering. We solve some of the largest issues on earth — one shipment at a time.



Prelude Ventures
Innovation Endeavors

Skyview Fund
PSA unboXed
Direct Chassislink (DCLI)


John Urban –founder of GT Nexus
Jon Shields –founder of Navis
Ron Widdows – Chairman, American Intermodal Management
Gabriel Kra - Prelude Ventures
Scott Brady - Innovation Endeavors
Dave Pidwell – Partner, Alloy Ventures

We’d love to talk to you about how we can provide true supply chain visibility.