In 2018, we surveyed all of our global customers and asked every user of the ClearMetal application, “Do you trust the data in ClearMetal?”

100% said yes.


With the most trusted data in the industry, ClearMetal empowers intelligent decision making, allowing you to act on business-impacting data with confidence.


What mode & carrier do I select?


When should I procure freight?


How do I reduce buffer stock?


How is ClearMetal different from other visibility providers?



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Our biggest priority is our delivery promise date. We need highly accurate predictions, and we’re using ClearMetal for that. Customers are carrying less inventory and their supply chains and customer service depends on the accuracy of our predictions.
Top 10 Largest Packaging Company in the world & ClearMetal customer
With ClearMetal, we’re able to provide accurate and reliable transit times to our customers - they benefit by holding less safety stock and we benefit by holding better margins, while delivering higher service levels.
International Logistics Manager,
Global Top 50 CPG Brand
We chose ClearMetal because we’re trying to be the ‘Supplier of Choice’ with our clients and in a commodity driven world, we wanted to have a leg up over our competition in terms of why they would choose to buy from us.
International Logistics Director,
Top 5 Global Packaging Company
ClearMetal alerted me of two orders that were stuck at the transhipment port for too long. I proactively checked with the carrier...and alerted the customer about the delays with the carrier’s reason.
Customer Service Representative,
Multinational Apparel Retailer