Next-Gen Supply Chain Visibility

Transform supply chain performance with quality data, predicted disruptions, and modern collaboration.


The ClearMetal Difference


Data-First Approach

ClearMetal is the only supply chain solution that overcomes the dirty data challenge inherent to the industry. Our machine learning algorithms learn your data, categorize it, map it, and return clean, accurate information ready for our AI to provide you with intelligent alerts and predictive ETAs


ClearMetal consolidates all of your supply chain shipment information, tracking, and visibility into one screen. You no longer need to manually track shipment info with spreadsheets, log into multiple websites, across many partners, and manually process shipment info with spreadsheets. 


ClearMetal is your 24/7 AI guide, giving you the most accurate visibility, alerts, and ETAs in the industry. We analyze your supply chain for disruptions, alert you to issues, and provide detailed reporting on supply chain performance so you can proactively execute.

Millions in efficiency gains and cost savings.

10% Reduction in buffer stock

82% improvement in ETA accuracy

MINIMIZE lost sales due to disruptions

Industry Proven

“ClearMetal places the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning into our hands, providing unprecedented visibility and predictive intelligence. Actionable data insights are an opportunity to offer truly differentiated services to shipper and carrier partners.” 
Head of Global Ocean Freight at Panalpina
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“The industry has been ripe for digital applications that can help companies improve how they manage the flow of materials across the supply chain. The impact of such visibility not only improves the ability to plan logistics, it also provides the ability to drive downstream supply chain improvements such as reducing inventory levels, driving down safety stock requirements, and improving asset utilization in the warehouse.”
Research Manager, Supply Chain Execution at IDC

What is predictive supply chain ?


Data-Driven Alerting & Planning

In today’s new economy businesses are challenged to continuously transform. Data is the new strategy and the most successful businesses will use data to be more agile, automated, and efficient. Predictive supply chain is defined by its use of data intelligence. It’s not just better, it is fundamentally different than past approaches. Data drives decisions. Data balances risk. Data optimizes and accelerates your success. Data anticipates the future so you can act and optimize.

Data Quality Is Key

When the underlying data is clean, accurate, mapped to milestones, and consistent then innovative solutions can be delivered. The key problem with all of those requirements is that supply chain data is NONE of those. That’s not news to the industry, in fact, it’s so inherent that we have found many companies have given up trying. Most have gone with visibility tools that, for years, have solved the problem with more people, more keyboards, more manual work. That’s simply not scalable as the global transportation business grows at a seemingly exponential rate to keep up with consumer demand.