Bringing Value to the Supply Chain

Inventory & Efficiency



  • Improve data automation, visibility, and business intelligence.
  • Better use of on hand inventory with greater certainty of replenishment availability. 
  • Direct inventory to higher revenue/margin channels based on certainty of availability.
  • Leaner inventory positions to satisfy demand with greater certainty of when inventory will be available.
  • Optimize seasonal floor set and new store openings.

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Eliminate excess: inventory, storage, box movement, yard labor and handling fees.
  • Mitigate unnecessary haulage and drayage.
  • Reduce transportation expense through ocean carrier optimization
  • Eliminate unnecessary air freight
  • Partner management and communication  streamlined, resulting in lower cost
  • Optimize DC labor planning

Service Level Improvement

Make informed decisions at various points in the Chain to improve customer on time.  

Know when you really need to accelerate and expedite.