Global Supply Chain Visibility

ClearMetal gives you end to end supply chain visibility using AI and Predictive Analytics

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All Orders, One Screen

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Leverage the power of AI

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Informed Decisions


The Next Generation of Supply Chains


New Consumption Channels

Customers are demanding more volume, more options, and more immediacy. A.I. powered supply chains redesign and redeploy as quickly as the market changes. Leverage probabilistic risk and predictions to determine the best path through a network of options.

Hundreds Of Partners

The need to rapidly adapt to new methods of fulfillment places new requirements on logistics, manufacturing, and sourcing partners. Leverage a network of service providers for dynamic fulfillment and collaboration on tight timelines. Understand your options and select the right partners to deliver.

Leverage Big Data

Supply chain networks create massive volumes of data from varied and ever-changing sources. Supply chain platforms must leverage industry-tailored machine learning and predictions to deliver data-driven operational decisions and fuel automation.


Lead Time Reduction

Inventory Management

Mode Optimization

Increased Profitability


Modern Supply Chain Platform

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“ClearMetal places the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning into our hands, providing unprecedented visibility and predictive intelligence. Actionable data insights are an opportunity to offer truly differentiated services to shipper and carrier partners.”

Head of Global Ocean Freight at Panalpina


“The industry has been ripe for digital applications that can help companies improve how they manage the flow of materials across the supply chain. The impact of such visibility not only improves the ability to plan logistics, it also provides the ability to drive downstream supply chain improvements such as reducing inventory levels, driving down safety stock requirements, and improving asset utilization in the warehouse.”

Research Manager, Supply Chain Execution at IDC


End-to-End Predictive Visibility

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Every Shipment With Order-Level Visibility


Every Carrier

Full visibility across service providers (motor, ocean, air, terminal, sourcing, manufacturing, 3PL) can be gained through standard provisions of EDI, leveraging ClearMetal's platform. All the data that benefits your business is now in a single, easily accessible cloud system. 

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Connect Effortlessly

Easily connect with your supply chain partners through ClearMetal's NoMap integrations and network. NoMap utilizes A.I. to interpret EDI messages in real time and transform them into meaningful, resilient milestones. Connect with a new partner in days and have defense against changes in partner EDI schemas.


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