Supply Chain Visibility Software

Track and Trace at the Inventory Level and Predict Shipments Door to Door

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True Supply Chain Visibility

Our team of supply chain veterans and data scientists have solved the industry’s ‘data problem’ so that shippers can get the visibility they’ve always needed but have never been able to find.

ClearMetal’s proprietary machine learning technology automatically cleans, corrects, and enhances transportation data, giving shippers accurate, real-time visibility.

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Transformation is Easier Than You Think

We connect your data, train your team, and deliver visibility in weeks, not months


Our Features Drive Value

ClearMetal delivers the tools you need to reduce transportation costs, improve productivity, and make proactive decisions.


Multi-Modal Visibility

As a shipper, you care about inventory not containers. That’s why we provide visibility by Booking, BoL, Container, Order, Stock-Transfer #, and Line-Item. We track, trace, and predict shipments from door to door, over multiple modes.


Predict, Alert, Collaborate

Predict delays, final arrival, or available for pickup. We alert you of transshipment issues, containers at risk for D&D, and more. Customizable filters and views help prioritize and makes it easy to share reliable data with your teams or customers.

Data You Can Trust

Visibility is only as good as the data that fuels it. We use direct carrier connections, real-time satellite + IoT data and, most importantly, patented AI to clean and correct transportation data better than anyone else in the world.


Transport Planning

Our machine learning algorithms continuously evaluate your shipment performance, enabling dynamic lead-times, reduced buffer, increased shipment reliability, and inventory optimization that drives down costs and increases revenue.

Universal Search

Instantly searchable by BoL, Container, Order #, or any of your own custom fields. Your team can spend less time reacting to exceptions & playing detective, and more time being proactive, making strategic decisions, and delivering to customers.


Milestone API

We have the best supply chain data in the industry, and our cloud-based app makes it easy to use. Our Milestone API also makes upgrading to ClearMetal data in your ERP, TMS, etc. readily available to improve planning across the entire supply chain.

ClearMetal places the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning into our hands, providing unprecedented visibility and predictive intelligence. Actionable data insights are an opportunity to offer truly differentiated services to shipper and carrier partners.
— Jörg Twachtmann, Head of Global Ocean Freight at Panalpina
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