Predictive Transport Visibility

Collaborative visibility and risk analysis for freight shipments.

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Advanced Visibility


Cloud-Based Application

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Easily access vital information on international shipments. Receive new features and capabilities without the hassle of onsite deployments or IT resource requests. Log in, learn, and act from anywhere in the world.

40+ Milestones

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Visibility across 44 container freight milestones and growing. Journey predictions and risk ratings for every shipment. Integrations with logistics partners: Terminals, Ocean Carriers, and 3PLs. Powerful shipment exploration and collaboration features.

Simple Collaboration

Easily filter and find shipments of interest. Share the shipments that are meaningful to your business and partners through collaborative links. Unify partner workflows in a single web app and ditch the email back-and-forth.


AI Enabled Predictions


Decision Support

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Leverage intelligent predictions around arrival status to better help your teams focus on the shipments of value and concern. Quickly filter between "On Time" and "Late" by delivery type.

Predictive Risk

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Understand the likelihood of a shipment shifting from "On Time" to "Late" through the power of simulations. Hundreds of simulation models are generated per shipment and analyzed to provide the probability of a status change.

Event Predictions

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View the predicted date and time for specifc shipment milestones. Review the confidence level of that prediction and determine your best action to assure streamlined delivery and customer satisfaction.


NoMap: Data Problem Solved


Integrate In Hours, Not Months

Interpretation of EDI messages using Artificial Intelligence eliminates costly and time-consuming schema mapping projects. Change a multi-month project into a several hour automation. Furthermore, since ClearMetal's interpretation A.I. is constantly learning changing patterns in EDI messages, you are protected against bad/missing information from a partner. No longer will your system come to a halt due to an error somewhere in the EDI network.

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Smart Processing & Cleaning

EDI messages are automatically transformed through machine learning into human readable milestone information and are available through an API. Our A.I. platform filters out questionable events and corrects the sequencing of events. Location and partner references are corrected and de-duped automatically. Your visibility is also enriched with information from 3rd party data. Missing events can be imputed to complete the shipment's journey.

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