ClearMetal Provides Predictive Supply Chain Visibility


Our AI driven predictions allow you to know when your goods are available for pickup so you can improve performance, reduce your costs, and increase revenue.


Why ClearMetal?

We go beyond the industry standard ETA, which only tells you when your cargo is near the port.  ClearMetal has the most accurate predictions of what actually matters - Discharge, Available for Pickup, and Door Delivery.



Your dedicated customer success team will be with you every step of the way as we connect with your carriers and our machines map your milestones. Forget manual mapping and technical overhead; our platform removes brittle human-driven rules and replaces them with organic AI powered decisions.


The industry is built on human sweat and traditional visibility providers build hard-coded milestones and rule based maps that break every time there is an exception. Our system automatically maps your EDI data to 37 milestones, giving you more detail and control over your cargo in transit. 


We provide you the most accurate cargo delivery predictions in the industry and our system keeps learning as our machines see more of your data. Open up a new shipping lane? No problem, our machines have seen 99% of the available lanes and can leverage that knowledge to improve our predictions for your new data. 

ClearMetal Removes Barriers to Visibility


Supply Chain Data Quality

Supply Chain is complicated and is impossible to manage by human intervention alone. ClearMetal ingests EDI, good, bad, late, wrong, missing, and immediately reconciles across 1000s of data points to arrive at the truth. The result? The most accurate predictions in the industry. 


Siloed Data

Whether it’s in an on-premise database or under lock and key with one of your transportation partners sometimes data is difficult to be acquired. ClearMetal has connected with all the major carriers and can help you connect to other data sources to build a more complete picture of your cargo in transit.


Non-Standard Data Formats

Carriers, 3PLs, and Freight Forwarders rely on thousands of partners to accurately and reliably report on the disposition of cargo around the globe, it's a given that there will be varying data formats. We've built our platform to make sense of data that, to the human eye, is messy and make it actionable. 


Limited IT Resources

The teams that often deal with data often have limited availability or can’t be assigned to a Supply Chain project. When you purchase ClearMetal we become your team, and help you manage the entire integration process, allowing you to focus on optimizing your business rather than always playing catch-up.


Unprecedented Speed to Value

Supply chain projects are notoriously complicated - ClearMetal isn't. Our industry insiders and support team helps with data connection and in many cases we have live data enabled in your environment in less than a week. Our machines will learn, validate, map, and begin providing visibility soon thereafter. Compare that to the industry norm of months long implementations and our speed to value is unmatched. 


Ready to Transform Your Supply Chain?