ClearMetal provides Predictive Supply Chain Visibility by solving your data problem.


ClearMetal is the only Supply Chain Visibility Software provider solving the root of all visibility issues, data access and quality — with scalable AI and Machine Learning.


Why ClearMetal?

If you truly want to transform, we can help. ClearMetal addresses your data problem by connecting with any data source you have - NO IT RESOURCES REQUIRED:



NoMap - Our proprietary AI and Machine Learning Algorithms allow us to map your data in hours not months. Using AI allows us to adapt to your changing data automatically rather than continually writing manual rules to put a bandaid on bad data. 


Data is only valuable if you can access it, use it, and trust it. ClearMetal’s visibility software validates and cleans data from your disparate partners, separate systems, standardizes it, and readies it for enhancement


ClearMetal automatically connects the dots across millions of data points and fills in blanks and inaccuracies. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate visibility and gives you the predictive ability to be proactive.


Ready to Transform Your Supply Chain?


The Transformation Journey

Any true transformation initiative should be grounded in ensuring that the data informing business decisions on a day to day basis is as accurate and actionable as possible. Whether you are a small business or a massive corporation - modern, successful companies always have one thing in common, they have created  or built their dominance on superior data and their ability to leverage that data to their advantage. 

The Supply Chain and Logistics industry data has scaled beyond any one person’s ability to interpret it quickly and at scale. The industry has to turn to technologies like AI and Machine Learning, now available to any company of any size. The problem is that even newer technology requires quality data.


ClearMetal Removes Visibility Barriers


Dirty Data

Everyone knows data quality in supply chain is an enormous problem and current supply chain visibility solutions simply put a bandaid on it with armies of keyboards writing manual rules. ClearMetal cleans your data giving you a clean, actionable datasets that scale.


Inaccessible Data

Whether it’s siloed in an on-premise database or under lock and key with one of your transportation partners sometimes data just can’t be acquired. ClearMetal has access to multiple data sources to enhance your current data set.


Non-Standard Formats

Computers need a common language and Supply Chain is a patchwork of formats and delivery methods. ClearMetal takes even the messiest data like EDI and attaches industry specific milestones to it, making it machine readable.


IT Resources

Always a limiting factor, the teams that often deal with data often have limited availability or can’t be assigned to a Supply Chain project. When you purchase ClearMetal we become your team, we are with you every step of the way to manage the entire integration process.


Supply Chain Visibility in Less Than 7 Days

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From the moment your become a customer we’ll guide you through the process. Our industry insiders and support team can help with data acquisition and in many cases have live data enabled in your environment in less than 7 days. Compare that to the industry norm of months long implementations and our speed to value is unmatched.